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Fiorentini arrives late to painting and, like all the other roads he travelled, his approach begins with a dream. However, if the dream is the starting point, poetical discipline is the indication of the path. Experimenting continuously and with “poor” material, searching with touch and then with the brush for new abstractions, is the mark of the artist.

His works, mostly untitled, a part of several series: Khaos, Digging into Khaos and Rain of Khaos. With this denomination, which is also evolutionary, the artist aims to convey the sense of his pursuit, something that cannot be locked in a title.

The pursuit of a balance in the surface, where touch outlines the base, the matter, where the hand blends paper, glue, sand, plaster, paint, fabric and more, determines the creation of the work that, only if the base has its own language, is colored with Claudio Fiorentini personal style. Being a poet, he likes to define his works Pictorial Poems.

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