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Claudio Fiorentini

With a big slice of world inside, and quite an amount of cultural experiences, along with an unstoppable curiosity that did not set limits to his studies, Claudio Fiorentini is an authentic cultural mediator. A promoter of the arts who embraces a wide range of viewpoints, capable of interacting with different opinions, of understanding the many ways and customs that constitute the engine of contemporary culture.
His literary work is composed of novels, short stories and poetry. His published works, to the date, consist of eight novels, five sylloges, a collection under the pseudonym Pasquinate and a collection of short stories, along with his presence in several anthologies. His paintings, or rather para-paintings, as he loves to define it, is a continuous pursuit of abstract expression forms, with “poor” materials, with a different tactile texture. Indeed, touch is the key to grasp the sense of his physical pursuit of balances, starting from the manipulation of the base, that only when perceived they can transcend into the painting with the help of the brushes.

“You must be faithful to your dreams, otherwise they come back and hold you to account”, quoting one of his writings, sums up his modus vivendi, which allowed him to put together his professional life, artistic life and family life.
In his world extended to the whole world, he organized and participated to exhibitions, meetings and art fusion events, and became tireless promoter of other authors’ works through reviews, presentations, art festival, radio shows, prestigious juries and various other events.
In Rome he contributes to the Cultural promotion Centre Polmone Pulsante and is vice-president of Alberoandronico Association.
Today he resides in Madrid, where he owns the Art and Culture promotion Centre Captaloona Art and is curator of all the activities that take place there.
Just don’t tell that to dreams: dreams, you know, are gossipy.

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