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About Us

Captaloona is a creative platform that can welcome any sort of project. Everybody can find the ideal space in Captaloona: the art exhibition, the language, acting or dance school, the cultural association, the promotion of a book the handcrafts or design products showroom, the theater company needing rehearsals, the meeting or the small symposium.


Captaloona enjoys highly prestigious European partnerships, thanks to which can offer travelling exhibitions not only in Spain and Italy, but in France and Malta as well. The exhibition space, located at Calle Andrés Mellado 55, in the heart of Madrid, measures 40 m2 , and is provided with sound system, microphones, electric piano, guitar, adjustable lighting.

Captaloona will count on the permanent presence of its curator, Claudio Fiorentini. Painter, writer and poet, has explored several artistic disciplines and has promoted and proposed, for several years, works of other authors through art fairs, expositions, live painting exhibitions, radio shows and reviews. His travels brought him to live in Italy, Mexico, France, Morocco and now Spain.

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